Commercial Outsourcing

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Commercial Outsourcing

At Prosales we manage and execute a comprehensive commercial service to maximise your sales effectively and efficiently.

We have sales teams, sales promoters and telephone sales specialists.


Do you need to plan and control the visits to your customers, as well as their frequency?

Do you have a good incentive system?

Do you need to know more about the competition?

We can help you:

  • Fulfilment of sales objectives

    We define the objectives with the customer, and we focus 100% of our team on obtaining results: our sales team follows guidelines for preparing, carrying out and analysing sales visits in order to maximise the final sales result.

  • KPIs and commercial activity tracking (Power BI)

    KPIs and commercial activity tracking (Power BI)

  • Exclusive sales manager for each project

    We coordinate the day-to-day work of the sales team, but with a long-term vision for a sustained improvement of results over time.

  • Ad-hoc selection of profiles

    From our own recruitment department, we select and hire the profiles that best fit the characteristics of the service.

  • Variable cost based on sales achievement

    So that you pay a fair price for the sales we get. No surprises.

  • Joint definition of customer target

    With you, we assess what type of customer we are going to focus our commercial activity on.

  • Including all the material required to make the sale:

    PC, car, smartphone...

  • Continuous training plan for sales staff

    We always keep our sales team trained in sales techniques and knowledge of the sector.

  • Design of everyday business activity

    We set up planning and control of the daily sales calls.

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Field Marketing

At Prosales, we specialise in the integral outsourcing of point of sale management for PREMIUM brands.

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At Prosales we advise you to create, execute and distribute the advertising campaign you need.

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At Prosales we have specialists in experiential marketing, design, production and staffing for any event.

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National presence.
including the Balearic and Canary Islands

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