At Prosales we have specialists in experiential marketing, design, production and staffing for any event.


Need to hold an event, but don't know exactly what to do?

Do you have doubts about how to organise it?

Do you want new ideas to make an event that will be remembered?

We can help you

  • Reliability

    If we start an event, we finish it. Nothing gets us more excited than seeing how all the ideas, created between ourselves and the customer, come to life in a unique and unforgettable event.

  • Specialists

    We know the industry well, and we have experience in the design, organisation and execution of events.

  • Balance between strategic planning and its execution

    In the creation of an event, we know that it is just as important to understand why an event is made with targeted actions as it is to implement them correctly.

  • Creative proposal

    We design the creative proposals and produce everything that the event needs for its achievement.

  • Measuring ROI

    We monitor the KPIs of the event to make sure everything is running smoothly and calculate the RoI.

  • Adapting to all types of decoration

    We have experience in organising a wide variety of events according to our customers’ needs and we love to make totally personalised projects.

  • National presence (also in the Balearic and Canary Islands)

    We have more than 40 branches of our own, as well as experience in the simultaneous management of more than 600 points of sale a day nationwide.

Our services

Field Marketing

At Prosales, we specialise in the integral outsourcing of point of sale management for PREMIUM brands.

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At Prosales we manage and execute a comprehensive commercial service to maximise your sales effectively and efficiently.

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At Prosales we advise you to create, execute and distribute the advertising campaign you need.

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National presence.
including the Balearic and Canary Islands

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